Tips & Advise

Installations--Choosing the Right Floor for You

A key component of choosing the right floor is the species. Woods like red oak, white oak, Brazilian cherry, walnut and maple provide a vast array of choices. Many times a thorough consideration of the style of your home and an understanding of the behavioral nature of the wood species guide our recommendations for the right floor for you.

  • What area of the home is the floor going into?
  • How is the floor to be used?
  • How does it transition to other areas?
  • Which is best suited for me in the long term?
  • Low sheen finish or high gloss?
  • Is it ok to install hardwood in a kitchen?

At Mr. Sandman, great care and effort is taken to evaluate the aforementioned issues so that together we combine our knowledge and experience with your sense of style and taste to create a wonderful enhancement of your home quality of life for years to come.

Updating Existing Hardwood Flooring

Many times homeowners discover under their "no longer welcome wall to wall carpet" a virtual fortune in existing hardwood flooring. Other times what first appear as worn, tired and neglected exposed hardwood floors can be beautifully transformed through our complete refinishing process into the defining statement of your homes style.

We are always pleased to learn when a new homeowner discovers existing hardwood hidden under the dingy, old carpet of the previous owner which  immediately adds quality and value. 

In many cases as styles change the opportunity to infuse new color into an existing floor provides the continuity in the updating of your home that design so crucially needs for success.

Proper Care for your Hardwood

A cared for hardwood floor will withstand the rigors of use and gracefully patina over time. Proper cleaning and recoating are key components of your floors longevity. We make available both the service of deep cleaning and re-coating (Normally a 1 day service) and the products which clean without harming and protect against avoidable damage. Wear Signs:

  • Dull section of floor area
  • Exposed or bare wood
  • Visible discoloration or damage
  • Non-responsive to normal cleaning
  • 2-3 years in high traffic area since last urethane coating
  • Warping or water staining

By recognizing the early signs of wear, Mr. Sandman can replenish your floors protective urethane coating through its one day deep cleaning and recoating service and put back your floors original shine. 

Kitchen Cabinet Care and Upkeep

With the advent of solid hardwood kitchen cabinets defining today's kitchen design, homeowners are enjoying the beauty of wood not just in their floors but now in their cabinets. To preserve and maintain the beauty of the kitchen cabinet, Mr. Sandman recommends monitoring the condition of the cabinets urethane coating and recognizing wear signs:

  • Sink area cabinets top edges delaminating
  • Cabinet door grab area discoloration
  • Signs of sun and water damage to cabinet carcasses
  • Cooking oil and grease build up on cabinets

A timely call to Mr. Sandman may allow you to avoid more costly consequences of cabinet replacement while preserving the original look and feel for years to come. Remember prevention coupled with preservation is always a more pleasant experience than unnecessary and more extensive repairs.

Restoring and Maintaining Your Front Door

One of the single most impressive details of a home is the statement a beautiful, vibrant, wood front door makes. Look no further to the inside side of a front door for an indication of what your door once was and rediscover its potential on the exterior side. Due to the exposure to the elements, one of the most important things to do to a front door is maintain it Ultra Violet protective urethane coating. Mr. Sandman will replenish your front doors look and feel through a vast array of recoating, rich color enhancers and or complete refinishing. Instill quality and sizzle in the first impression everyone feels as they enter your home by making your front door all it can be.